She’s Got the Look

The #flumphening shows no signs of abating.

Okay, I’m NOT going through the Player’s Handbook class-by-class and asking myself “what would this class look like as a flumph”. Although, I probably could. I’m uncertain of the comedy of some classes, like the cleric. Clerics are the least funny of all classes. But bards. Bards are kind of wacky already. And then you wonder what a high Charisma super charming individual would look like and how they would function as a floating sky jellyfish.

Extra amusing to me is the flute. There’s so many instruments a flumph could rock just fine: harp, violin, guitar, drums, cymbal, cowbell, etc. But with their mouth being a weird vertical slit running atop their head, playing any wind instrument is going to look extra messed up.