Sightless Eyes

Mechanically, sexual preference probably wouldn’t matter; women are blinded by a nymph just as easily as a man. Unearthly beauty is apparently gender-blind.

I’m surprised more people don’t play gay characters. Something like one-in-ten people are LGBT+ (or, at the very least, on the straight but not the narrow) but far fewer than 10% of fantasy characters are queer. There’s not a lot of minority representation in the gaming hobby, but it’s much more common for people to play cross-gender (male players playing female characters and the reverse). In many ways, it’d be easier to play a gay character than someone of the opposite sex, as it’s easier for the other players at the table to remember the sexes match.

But even outside of the table there’s not a whole lot of homosexuality in the fantasy genre. There’s not a lot of LGBT characters in fantasy worlds. Heck, the entire speculative fiction realm. Star Trek has had crewmen of every shape, size, colour, and creed except gay. And, I suppose Muslim.