Sparkly vampires never made much sense to me. It isn’t just the doomed romance bad boy element of the story, or the cipher protagonist that is a mirror for the reader. That all makes sense. Messy and somewhat tragic love triangles have been around since the time of dreaming during midsummer nights in faerie forests.

What gets me is the hook behind so much of the story. Keeping the existence of vampires a secret and preserving what amounts to the Masquerade with a different name . Except… because the lore is so different, no would would recognise them. If people in a sparkly vampire world saw a sparkly vampire their first thought wouldn’t be “hey, there’s a vampire” or “omigod, it’s an undead monster, kill it.” It would be closer to “hey look, that dude sparkles.”

I imagine the actual reaction to seeing a sparkly vampire might actually be a little more angelic in nature. Any remotely intelligent sparkly vampire would use that to their advantage. “I descended from above but lack the vitality to remain in your world… without help.”