Stand Your Ground

Yeah, another political/ topical comic. Sorry. I’ll try to restrain myself in the future.

The topic of excessive force from police just seems to be everywhere these days. It’s mostly an American issue. Really, like other problems, it’s tied to gun violence and the States’ addiction to firearms. Just like one price paid for free and easy access to guns is the occasional bloody public shooting, another price is cautious police reacting quickly when confronted with potentially armed suspects. Especially when movies and television glorify cops being quick on the trigger.

But… what does this have to do with D&D and related RPGs?

Well, adventurers very much react the same way, assuming life-threatening situations from any and all encounters and reacting accordingly. Potential violence? Excessive force is required! Implied aggression? Attack first! “Heroes” very seldom get called on the validity of their reactions, and even taking prisoners is often deemed too much of a hassle. There’s no consequences for brutality or corruption, no one to hold adventurer’s accountable. Of course, this could be argued to be emulating the same itchy-trigger-finger heroes of popular media who shoot first and are never wrong about their targets.