Start a Feud

I was well into my adult years before I saw the original Schwarzenegger Conan film. I was too young when it came out to see it in theatres. And it never captured my interest enough to watch on the myriad TV airing. The original Conan stories were also not found in bookstores or libraries around me: like Moorcock and Lovecraft, the old pulp stuff was not reprinted often, so I skipped it during my formative fantasy years in favour of Dragonlance, David Eddings, Tolkien, and others. I didn’t read Howard until much older.

Anyhoo, in the famous Conan quote he ends with “Hear the lamentations of their women.” Which bugged me. Didn’t Conan have women enemies? What if his male enemies were gay? Would seraglio concubines really lament the death of their master? Oh, casual 1980s sexism.

Which is apropo, as this is the first strip in almost a year (since April 14th, 2016)¬†featuring a male character (to my knowledge: one might have accidently slipped in.) In response to a flareup of gaming related misogyny online, I decided to make my strip all-women to balance the lack of representation elsewhere. To see how long it would take to make a strip where it felt off with female characters. I debated things with the June 28th strip but decided not to go bro. But, as this strip just doesn’t make sense without Conan, he had to be featured. And making the Family Feud host a generic women didn’t seem necessary and was potentially distracting. There’s a decided lack of female game show hosts.