Swallowed Wholly

A colossal creature is something like twenty-five feet tall, although the “mini” of the colossal red dragon was on a thirty-foot base and significantly taller than even that height. Even assuming it’s 60 feet from snout to tail, that great wyrm still almost 30 feet smaller than an average blue whale. It’s about the size of a humpback.

If their organ proportions are close to a human’s, a dragon’s stomach is possibly 10-feet long and half that size in width. It’s probably not that inconceivable for a couple humans to fit inside a dragon, albeit snuggly. For a little while…

Now if you excuse me, I’m busy picturing an adventure where a group of adventures have to travel back in time in a stolen Spelljammer vessel to rescue a pair of red dragons and save Ansalon from an strange outsider being.