Sympathy for the Devils

Devils are a classic D&D foe inspire, of course, by the mythological “Devil” figure as a corrupter and tempter. Lawful evil and proud of it, they are the creatures that buy your soul and make deals, which their lawful nature forces them to abide by to the word. It’s a classic archetype from myth and legend with two small problems.

  1. Devils don’t have anything in their stat blocks to really give them special powers to either take souls or award bonuses in exchange for souls.
  2. They don’t really get any bonuses or benefits for claiming souls.

What devils do with souls in the D&D cosmology has come up a few times, but it’s unclear. In some sources they’re traded as currency, which means devils are making deals basically for money. But souls seem like a pretty inconvenient form of money, especially if they’re squirming larvae. You’d expect the devil to gain some sort of power from gaining souls, not just a fatter wallet.