Tapped Potential

Early in their careers, most adventurers end up venturing into a low level dungeon. Some place full of goblins and giant rats with small amounts of treasure that seems small to the greedy adventurers but would be a fortune to a group of commoners. Which makes you wonder why, in a world full of other desperate adventurers, there remain low level dungeons that haven’t explored. Or why a group of twenty commoners haven’t rushed into the cave or old mine as an irate mob to claim the treasure. It’s not just that previously explored dungeons seldom exist, it’s that they never exist. The players never, every arrive at the barrow of the dead king to search for rumoured loot and find fifty years of treasure hunters have been there first, digging up the place and stealing anything that hadn’t been nailed down. Instead, no matter how accessible the ancient tomb, the players are always the first living souls to venture within.