The Draw of the Art

Hypothetical here. I’m not aware of any new D&D cartoon.

I’m a fan of the one from the ‘80s, which I own on disc. I’ve even forced it on my lilltle dude a couple times. A new series would be fun and likely introduce a whole generation of little ones to the tropes or D&D, such as it’s iconic monsters and spells. And as D&D becomes a bigger and bigger hit for Hasbro, I keep expecting more media.

But, let’s face it, a modern D&D cartoon is very unlikely to look anything like the classical D&D cartoon. It’s almost certainly going to resemble modern cartoons. And fans of the original are unlike to like what’s done with a reboot.


If you want a closer look at the art piece:

I considered colour, but I’m not that skilled. Maybe I’ll colour it in later…