The Height of Relaxation

“Short rest”? I believe you meant to say “duration challenged rest”. Amiright?

I’m a little surprised to see “politically correct” become a negative buzzword again, with people pushing against requests to be more sensitive and the derogation “social justice warrior” (or SJW) being thrown around. Especially since I remember going through such a pushback before, back in the mid-90s.

I imagine I’m just getting old, so I remember the previous generation’s having to find a balance between tolerance and free expression, between tropes and stereotypes. Heck, I remember “political correctness” being so common it was heavily satirized. I recall enjoy Politically Correct Bedtime Stories (published in 1994 apparently).

As always, I’m going to ask to myself: What Would Neil Gaiman Think? His response is, as usual, dead on: