The Last Player Has to be a Cleric

I could probably use this space to wax philosophically about parties have to have a cleric, and even one worshiping a being of madness whose only blessing to followers is the gift of being eaten first is preferable to going into a dungeon without a healer.

Instead, let’s reminisce fondly about the role Cthulhu has played in D&D.

The works of Lovecraft are widely accepted as Geek Lit. While popular among many horror and sci-fi fans, he holds a special place in the hearts of us nerds. Cthulhu most of all. He scored a cameo in the first printing of Deities & Demigods for 1st Edition under the mistaken assumption the mythos was public domain. Subsequent reprintings removed the Mythos sadly. (Although, I wonder if enough times has past for the content to be use on the D&D Classics PDF store?)

Since then, Cthulhu has popped up a few times, with Monte Cooke even doing a piece for the WotC website on the big guy.  And in the d20 rush there was even a 3e-compatible version of Call of Cthulhu that offered a nice dash of Lovecraft. And he’s the obvious inspiration for creatures such as the Mind Flayers and Aboleths.

Currently, Cthulhu is set to be featured on the cover of Pathfinder’s Bestiary 4, likely bursting with Mythic power. Reaper Miniatures even has a Cthulhu “miniature” in their plastic Bones line. I can’t wait to pit my party against the Elder God.