The Other Big Game

Apparently the term “Super Bowl” is the Trademark of the National Football League. It’s use here is for satirical purposes and is for non-commercial purposes as I pretty much lose money running this webcomic.

I’ve never run into this problem myself. But I’m Canadian so Super Sunday (or whatever) is just another Sunday. I’m not even entirely sure how to play football. (That’s the one with the weird shaped ball, right?) Now, the Cup Playoffs are another matter altogether, especially when they hit Game Seven. Personally, I’m not much of a sports fan, so the whole thing is lost on me. But I can’t fault people for having a hobby they enjoy. The line between non-participatory football fan and tabletop gamer is a thin one when you look at things broadly enough. Both are about getting people over and socializing while relaxing on chairs and seeing the random outcome of events and how it interacts with an extended continuity of other similar events culminating in a big dramatic game.