The Real Monster

At the time of this writing, this was an oddly topical strip. There were numerous “scary clown” sightings across the western world, in North America and the UK.

The internet was to blame of course. It was a zeitgeist thing. Someone dressed up and acted all creepy down in the states and the photos and videos went viral. Just some dude dressed in a clown costume with black balloons standing in the distance by some woods made people lose their minds. He was obviously a dangerous criminally insane pedophile necrophiliac warlock and totally not some bored twenty-something-year-old pranking people. But it got attention. So, of course, every other bored individual with access to a clown costume decided it would be fun and an easy way to getting some attention. Cue a new fad. The more people lose their minds, the more people think it will be a laugh to go full clown.

Hooray for vicious cycles…