The Thin Red Line

Monsters in D&D with pun-based names have a long history. From the bullette (pronounced boo-lay) that owes much of its sleek nature to bullets, to the mohrg and feyr/fihyr whose names seem interesting until you pronounce them at the table. Other monsters try to slip in a pun with by adding a dash of fantasy suffix to a name, like obliviax (also known as memory moss). Or the infamous nilbog that heals from taking damage.

Then there’s the beholder, named because it’s covered in eyes as a not-so-subtle wink to the adage that starts “beauty is in the eye of…” Yeah… I got that at age twelve. I’d seen beholder knockoffs prior, but at least they had the decency to use the “eye tyrant” moniker.

And that’s before we get to monsters named after what they do. The digester, the choker, the piercer, the trapper, etc.

Naming monsters is hard. Hard and thankless.