Tools of Destruction

Loosely inspired by a discussion on using cards for improvised weapons. Although that is much less ludicrous, being a fairly common trope.  It wasn’t absurd enough to work as a comic. I considered a few other options. A cocktail umbrella. Maybe a toothpick. Before deciding to turn things up to 11 with doilies. Which was a colossal mistake, as lacy doilies are a nightmare to draw. I should have just aborted…

But, anyway, the rules are pretty clear on the matter. An improvised weapon functions as a similar weapon (like a pitchfork being a trident or a hatchet being a handaxe. And a weapon “that bears no resemblance to a weapon deals 1d4 damage”.  Minimum and maximum. So a card and fancy doily of lace will both do equivalent damage.



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