Ultimate Destruction

I’ve divorced rounds from being a set time in my game. There’s the loose acknowledgement that “1 minute” spells last 10 rounds, but roughly expire after the fight. But six-second rounds just feel awkward. It’s such a short length of time for everything to occur. And it makes epic combats feel like they’re over in the blink of an eye.

But the “1 minute” rounds of 1st and 2nd Edition also seems awkward. The fights last an appropriate amount of time, but it introduces more funkiness. Ostensibly, there’s parrying and blocking going on over the minute. But if each round is a minute, then people are walking pretty slow for sixty seconds. And the “blocking and parrying” excuse for a single sword swing each minute doesn’t make sense for archery: the number of arrows you can unleash in a minute is staggering.

Instead, I’m just being hazy on the time. Time passes, you’re uncertain how much.