What’s in a name

Named swords are a trope of fantasy, from Excalibur to Stormbringer, from Sting to Icingdeath. Every hero in fantasy has their iconic weapon that becomes their defining piece of equipment.

Less so in D&D and other RPGs. Much of this is the transitory nature of loot in the game. Yes, it’s an awesome bad-A +1 sword now, but in five levels it will suddenly be what you use to taunt rust monsters while you run around with your newer shinier +2 sword. I’ve always thought this was a shame, that magic items seldom became more special and important to characters.

Recent editions of the game have not helped, with a certain level of treasure being expected by the party. Which meant DMs were expected to award a certain amount of magical gear every level, adding a sense of entitlement to the whole affair. Magic items were temporary.