Ye Olde LARPeth

What’s the difference between LARPing and a Renaissance Fair?

That sounds like the set-up to a joke, but it’s a realistic question. Two groups of people dress up in pseudo medieval costumes and pretend they’re someone else for an afternoon.

It gets even more muddier when you consider historical re-enactment which, while not “cool”, is far less nerding than LARPing despite being the exact same thing. I’m sorry but just because you’re dressed like a soldier from the Civil War doesn’t make you better than the dude dressed like an elf. Except that I somewhat understand the desire to pretend to be a part of a fantasy world, a world more magical and special than our own, but nostalgically looking back at a bloody battle that shattered a country, pitted brother against brother, and left scars that still  linger 150 years after seems like a curious way to spend a weekend.