Ye Olde Yelp

The Flying Huff inn and tavern. 3/5 stars. 

A decent establishment. Would stay again.

The smell of urine was discrete, and the horse dung was freshly swept out of the common room.
Despite the historical existence of medieval taverns in small towns being dubious and anachronistic, the innkeeper served a variety of food and drink. The meals were adequate and portions satisfactory, although I suspect the stew had more goblin than advertised.

In place of shared bedding or large public sleeping chambers, the inn had unrealistic private rooms, all with solid doors and locks. One cannot complain about the convenience.

The lack of a courtyard is unfortunate, meaning no troupe of performers is likely to stop and perform at the inn. As surprising amount of the interior was devoted to a small stage, but far too for any actors to perform and far too much space for a minstrel to occupy.

And I was not robbed or murdered during my stay, which is always a perk.