You Died

I have a love/hate relationship with Dark Souls and other Souls games. I played Dark Souls for a decent time before giving up. My ability to recognise boss movements and anticipate blows is poor, and my reflexes are ass. I put 40 hours into the game and eventually realized I had spent all my free time for three or four days getting nowhere and had achieved zero real progress in the game. That I could have just as effectively spent that time staring at a blank wall while holding an unplugged controller. If I kept at it for four or five more hours I might have been able to progress through Blighttown and explore the Catacombs or Crypts or whatever was next. But in that same length of time it would take me to really advance in Dark Souls, I could wrap two or three other games. Or half of one open world game.

I always feel bad that I gave up and consider going back and giving it another crack. But then I look at my stack of unplayed PS4 games and my Steam queue.