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Dec 28BorderLands: Session 7.5
Dec 11BorderLands: Session Seven
Dec 4BorderLands: Session Six
Nov 21BorderLands: Session Five
Nov 7Review: Volo’s Guide to Monsters
Nov 6BorderLands: Session 4
Oct 2BorderLands: Session Three
Sep 25Review: Adventures in Middle Earth Player’s Guide
Sep 19BorderLands: Session Two
Sep 12BorderLands: Session One
Sep 4Into the BorderLands
Sep 2Review: Storm King’s Thunder
Aug 26Pathfinder Review: Horror Adventures
Aug 9Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery
Aug 65e Review: Tome of Beasts
Jul 27Karate Bear
Apr 10Review: Ultimate Intrigue
Mar 24Review: Amethyst
Mar 7Review: Curse of Strahd
Mar 4Review: Realm Works
Jan 18Feats Book
Jan 17Feats 2