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The publishing arm of 5 Minute Workday.

In addition to producing adequate webcomics twice a week, this site is also a small publisher of fiction and gaming products.


The first novel under the 5 Minute Workday Publishing imprint is How to be an adventurer, is available in Print on Demand and electronically.Front Cover
An electronic copy is available on Google Play, the Kindle store, Kobo, and DriveThurFiction. The PoD copy is available on Createspace and Amazon.

How to be an adventurer is”a fantasy-western adventure of heroism and stupidity” written by David Gibson and Erick Allen.
Two youths set out on what is supposed to be a simple cattle drive but turns into the adventure of a lifetime. They have the chance to become the heroes they have always dreamed of… if they don’t die painful, messy, or embarrassing deaths before they can succeed on their quest.


The first non-fiction book under the  5 Minute Workday Publishing imprint is Jester David’s How-To Guide to Fantasy front-CoverWorldbuilding, is available in Print on Demand and electronically.
An electronic copy is available on Kobo, the Kindle store, and DriveThurRPG. The PoD copy is available on Createspace and Amazon.

Learn how to: sculpt a continent, design a nation, plan a city or village, create a Pantheon, and build your world! Designed for use by fantasy tabletop role-playing gamers (especially those using the world’s oldest RPG system) but also useful for novelists, creative types, and people with too much free time.
A compilation of my Worldbuilding blog series, this book features almost two-hundred pages of advice on making your own fantasy world. The blogs have been updated, edited, and expanded.