About 5 Minute Workday

Gamer humour at its finest most average!
5 Minute Workday is a single panel webcomic published twice weekly that focuses on Tabletop Role-Playing Games such as Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons.

What is a “5 Minute Workday”?

The joke behind the title of the strip is a D&D trope. Certain classes have daily resources: powers  (typically spells) that are usable a certain number of times per day and recharge overnight.

As the class is at their most powerful when those abilities are used there is the temptation to drop all your daily-use powers as quickly as possible: this is known as a “nova”. (Think the “Death Blossom” from The Last Starfighter.) The catch being, if you expend all your daily powers in the first couple minutes of gameplay, you have less to do the rest of the adventure. So there is an urge to rest, recover all your daily powers, and nova again.

The adventuring party kicks open the first door of the dungeon, the wizard blasts everything in the room with a fireball, the party grabs anything shiny that survived, and leaves heading back to town to rest. They have just completed a “five-minute workday”.

Origins of the Strip

It all started as a tweet.

Yes, 5 Minute Workday is something else you can blame on Twitter.

The ENnie nominated Newbie DM commented that  “5 Minute Work Day” is a clever name for a one panel comic, like The Far Side, focused on D&D. Like a foolish fool I accepted the challenge and made a couple strips. Then a couple more. Then set-up a blogger site to host my strips.

After deciding that I had enough material for months of bad jokes and that my art skills were passable enough to inflict on others I created this site.

I’m sorry.

About the Author

Hi, my name is David Gibson but I tend to go by “Jester David” (or variants) on most decent message boards. I’ve been gaming most of my adult life and I look forward to doing so for years to come.

I’ve written for the ENnie nominated At-Will blog (now defunct), I’ve done some segments for the ENnie nominated  Powersource Podcast (also now defunct), and I’ve written for Temporary Hitpoints (unsurprisingly now defunct). I’ve also done some work for the Fraternity of Shadows fansite, because Ravenloft is awesome, I was also published by Dragon Magazine and Goodman Games, and I’ve been a guest on the Tome podcast.

I write a blog over on the Wizards of the Coast community site, but recent entries are co-posted on this site.
I decided to start that blog when WotC upgraded their community site and added blogs and wikis to almost universal criticism. (Likely because they were still struggling with the promised digital tools for 4e.) Rather than join the chorus of complaints I decided to do something productive and start a blog.

How I Got into Gaming

002D&D was always one of those things that was in my periphery.

The older children of friends-of-the-family played D&D and I enjoyed the cartoon, which was airing at roughly the same time. I adored the early-90s re-release of the Dungeon!  board game and played it until all the pieces got lost. 001

When I got older, I was fascinated by the ads for D&D introductory boxed sets (and especially the Ravenloft one) at the back of my comics books. These would have been the Clyde Caldwell ads for the black boxed set. I was enchanted by this game where you could choose how your character acted “Bold, daring, cunning, or cautious.”

This curiosity was only made worse after I received the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy and read the afterword that talked of how the novel was inspired by a game of D&D where one of the characters was able to climb into a wicker dragon. After that I just had to find out about this crazy unique game.

It took many years, but I eventually played the game. And loved it! Then I slowly bought the books over many months, and managed to get the second Ravenloft boxed set with some Christmas money.