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Next Storyline: The Tomb of Annihilation

September 8th in speciality stores and September 19th everywhere else.

An adventure about “death and what people will do to avoid it” but initially pitched as “Indiana Jones with zombies”.

The lich Acererak, formerly of the Tomb of Horrors (and formerly a demilich…), is on the island of Chult, the “lost continent” of the Forgotten Realms. He’s stealing resurrection magic from individuals who have been brought back to life, causing them to weaken, waste away, and then die. Which is bad, especially for many famous and powerful figures in the Realms who may have been resurrected.

The adventure will include a gazetteer of the Chult region, including the city Port Nyranzaru, which be”fleshed out and brought to life”. There will be lots of exploration in the jungles of Chult: lost cultures, lost cities, and mysteries, with NPCs and interesting places. There will odd creatures coming back, like the zorbo (a psychic koala), froghemoth, and su-monster. “You never know what you’re going to find around the corner.” Half the adventure will be finding and just reaching the tomb, making it more desirable to just venture into the tomb (and traps within) rather than returning through the jungles.

Chult is being treated like a location. Because the peninsula is going to be detailed, you could skip the main quest and explore Chult and get value out of the product. It’s a “location with a story on top”. Because Chult is so self-contained, Mike Mearls says you can just take the location and drop it in (almost) any D&D world, and its hinted there will be conversion suggestions and sample locations for other worlds.

The adventure is likely inspired by Isle of Dread in that you land on the shores of an island that is mapped on the outside with the interior unexplored, that you have to explore. (Although, it’s worth nothing that the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide and the Sundering event returned Chult to being a peninsula so it’s only a metaphorical island of dread, rather than a literal one. ) The adventure starts very open, with the party able to freely explore through the jungle and pick their own path, and gets more and more claustrophobic and linear when you reach the titular tomb.

Tying into the theme of exploration (and the dangers of being lost) whom you choose as a guide will be important for the early sandbox parts of the adventure. Not every guild will have your best interests at heart or lead you into level appropriate dangers.

The jungle is currently suffering from an undead contagion/ infestation. There will be T-Rexes, and zombies, and zombie T-Rexes that vomit zombies (as seen in one of the above pictures). And the former capital city of Chult is described as ruined and infested with undead. But not all of the dinosaurs will be evil, and there might be the chance to ride dinosaurs!

The tomb itself will of course be trapped. But these will be “puzzle” traps where you have to “think your way past”. Both the tomb and the adventure are designed to be tougher (“death” is a theme after all). There will also be a “meat grinder mode” where you need to make a DC 15 to succeed on a death saving throw. And rules for what happens when you die while Acererak’s plan is ongoing…

Artus Cimber and the ring of winter were name-dropped in Storm King’s Thunder to be appearing in a 2017 adventure. As both appeared in the novel The Ring of Winter, which was set in Chult, that was presumed to also be a part of the story. This has since been confirmed by Perkins on the Dungeon Life video cast.


Also, this is the storyline Pendelton Ward worked on.

WizKids Miniatures

WizKids is doing a set for the RPG. Acererak will get a mini – both regular and invisible – and there will be others like a four-armed gargoyle and a rolling stone juggernaut.

The case incentive will be trap elements, like spiked and runed tiles, a leering green devil face, and arch of mist, potions, and the like.

There will also be a new Adventure System board game using the same format as Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon by WotC or Temple of Elemental Evil by WizKids.

(The above image features painted minis, but I imagine those are the CG mock-ups for the RPG set and the actual minis in the boardgame will likely be unpainted.)

November Book: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

“Explore a wealth of fantastic rules options for both players and Dungeon Masters in this supplement for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.”

Releasing on November 10th in speciality stores and November 21st everywhere else.

New tips, tools, and toys for Dungeon Masters and players. There will be two or three new subclasses for each class (except for the wizard who only gets one). All the new subclasses will be ones we’ve seen, the ones that tested as the most popular; the best of the best from Unearthed Arcana. Also included are reprints from the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.

No word on the revised ranger, but this product will likely NOT include the mystic or artificer, which are still undergoing playtesting on the DMsGuild.

New downtime rules were given as an example. More traps with added depth and complexity. Expanded guidelines for DMs to create their own traps.
Again, there will be two covers, with Hydro74 doing the “speciality” one:

(Goldfish on the cover because The Xanathar has a pet goldfish that is the only thing he cares about.)

Dice Masters

There will also be a Tomb of Annihilation expansion set for the dice building game.

Dice and a Dice Tin

A full set of dice (including a d4: it’s hidden at the bottom of the slipcase). But given the adventure, I’m sure these will be very poorly weighted and roll a disproportionate number of 1s.

This is also a thing. I’m sure someone will like it. It’s kinda cool (but I’d like a generic ampersand one more…)

Avalon Hill

New D&D-tangental board game. Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate. A twist on Betrayal at House on the Hill but firmly using D&D tropes and set in the Forgotten Realms.

A good 50 “scenarios”/ haunts in the game. Lots of classical D&D monsters and artifacts. More cooperative haunts than the base game, and lots of options for characters based on D&D classes.

You can explore cities and streets. Or go out to the catacombs, which are a completely different set of tiles.

Gale Force 9

They’re doing the DM screen, as expected. And they’re also doing some miniatures associated with the adventure.

Acererak will be included of course, but no word if this is a reprint of the previous version or will look more akin to the lich featured on the cover of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Batiri “Jungle goblins” with masks are also being planned, which can be stacked into a so-called battle stack. Ras Nsi will also be included, apparently now being undead yuan-ti thing(featured in art above and as a test mini below.)

Also planned paladin riding a velociraptor.

A prototype of Minsc and Boo was also mentioned. (They *wanted* to do the zombie vomiting T-Rex but couldn’t manage it.) And “more surprises” coming.

The minis will be available in three waves, Sept, Oct, and Nov.


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