Miniature Monster Mondays : Blackroot Treant

This miniature was released in 2008’s Against the Giants set. Additionally, the blackroot treant was included as a variant in the 4th Edition Monster Manual.

© 2008 Wizards of the Coast

Not every tree can become treant, and not every potential treant experiences the special events required to awaken and begin their transformation from a seemingly mundane tree to ambulatory plant. On occasion, a potential treant is corrupted before its transformation is complete. The tree might be badly damaged by fire in the middle of its awakening or exposed to necromantic magic while still slumbering. 

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Vengeful Vegetation. Blackroot treants are not evil, and don’t seek out victims. However, they despise animal life, especially humanoids. They claim ownership of a grove or region of a forest, and protect it from all intrusion.


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