Adventures in the Forgotten Crack

As an obsessive D&D fan, I decided to go all-in on the crossover Magic the Gathering set, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. I have a bundle and a variety of packs on order and picked-up a prerelease pack last weekend. I even made a video of opening the pack:

These were my first Magic the Gathering cards since 1994. And after the release it will be my first time assembling a deck.

Opening the packs in the prerelease box was surprisingly fun. It really is addictive. There’s a dangerous feedback loop of being surprised with the contents of each new booster, which encourages you to continue opening. It’s very much a meat-space loot box. But holy eff is it expensive: a $40 prerelease pack netted me 90 cards, but only 6 lands, meaning I’d need to buy another 24 to 120 packs to get the minimum number of basic land cards to build a functional deck of a desired colour.