All the Feels

This past weekend, my “Borderlands” campaign ended. (Named after my homebrew campaign setting and not the videogame or the module). And following that I slowly shelved the PCs’ minis, then tucked away the campaign notebook and setting binder. All the stuff that had been within easy reach for years was now being archived. Stored. Joining the other ghosts of campaigns past in a storage box.

The campaign began thirty-four months ago, in September of 2016. While we had a couple 4-month-long breaks where we played mini-campaigns as well as some one-shots, that’s still 25 months of one campaign. As many as 43 five-hour game sessions.

It’s arguably my longest campaign. Yikes!

Looking back, my Dragonlance campaign ran 24 sessions while the subsequent Ravenloft game ran 17. I think when I ran Rise of the Runelords and Skull & Shackles they each roughly took 22 sessions. With 42 sessions, while not twice as long as most campaigns, it’s pretty darn close. I’ve played in games that ran a few months longer, but had fewer sessions overall. And I did two years of Living Greyhawk with my main having 57 sessions/ARs, so that still holds the “record”. But this is my longest campaign behind the screen without the game fizzling out or the group imploding.

I could have kept going but the players wanted to move onto something else and take a break from those characters. There’s so many more campaigns I want to run that ending now felt right. But we might revisit in a year or two (or three). A one-shot or mini-game. Nothing’s impossible in D&D!!!