Capital T

There’s no good alternative to this.

In a fantasy world where dinosaurs survived (or were created by the gods significantly closer in time to mortal peoples) there’s no good reason they would use the Latin derived names we use for them. 4th Edition D&D went this route, with “daggerclaws”, “skinwings”, and “macetails”. Evocative names that *mostly* identified the species. Which is the catch: we know what they’re called in the real world and giving them fancy in-world names makes them harder to identify and thus harder to describe. If I describe a “snake neck” am I referring to an apatosaurus, a brachiosaurus, a diplodocus, or even a plesiosaur?

I always liked the idea of a compromise. An in-world name with the real world name in parenthesis afterwards. But dinosaur names are pretty long, and I imagine that would be a space hog.