Cut From the Same Cookie

A variation on racial rules was presented in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.
While not a lot of content and not a major fix, this was a nice stop-gap patch to signal the designers were aware of the issues surrounding races and communicate some misconceptions as well as the design intent. (It was probably all they could do in a book that had been planned and outlined eighteen months ago.) I expect to see more tweaks in future products, and a major revision to how D&D handles lineage/ ancestry in the inevitable 6th Edition of the game. 

While I like the flexibility in being able to customize some proficiencies, the new custom lineage option feels almost too good, being equally flexible and generic. It’s effectively the variant human with the ability to swap in darkvision in place of a skill. You can make a quick custom race, flavoured however you want. But everyone knows the best options by now, making them potentially all fairly samey. There’s really only five or six real choices, and your build or role in the party further narrows it down. 



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