Divided Attention

This is a self own.

It’s so hard to stay focused while playing the game. It’s hard in-person when you have a device crying out to be glanced at, and it’s even harder when you’re sitting at the computer. 

It’s not your turn and it might be ten minutes until your turn. Or the rogue just decided to pick someone’s pocket in a tavern and rolled a “1” and is just about to start a lengthy tangent of running from the town guard. It’s going to be a while. And no one else is in the room. Your mike is muted anyway. And Vivid Vivka just posted some new pics on her OnlyFans. Why not pop open a new tab and do some browsing?

Or, y’know, check out your Amazon wishlist for sales. See what’s trending on social media. Write a webcomic blog post. Read that day’s news. Maybe even play a quick time waster game.

But porn is funnier…


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