Family Matters

I escaped this particular fate myself, but saw and heard of many others who didn’t manage to escape the dreaded clutches of “the little sibling.” But I vaguely remember being the young kid seeing people play the game and wanting to join them, despite being only six. Amusingly, it was decades later and only years after I was regularly playing D&D myself that I thought back to that night, recalled the minis in the homemade cardboard dungeon, and realized this would have been my first “experience” with D&D. 

It tends to come up because the younger sibling is curious about the game, but is seen by the older sibling as a distraction. An impediment to the fun of everyone else. Too young to play (like I was) but annoyed at being told we couldn’t join in. Which leads to the parental mandate to include them in the activity, often to the chagrin of everyone.



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