Forced Rest

As someone who is typically a Dungeon Master rather than a player, I tend to like to encourage the rest of the party to continue to adventure rather than blowing all of our spells in a single fight and resting. Because I know that makes for a more engaging adventuring day and riskier fights along with more fun for the DM as their monsters won’t be instantly stunlocked and obliterated.

It doesn’t always work and occasionally my cleric/ fighter is still ready to roll after a couple fights while the rest of the party is on empty. This leads to an awkward tension as one or two players feel weak because they don’t have their biggest spell or are at 3/4 health while the third player relies on cantrips and is always prepared to blast heads in. Which isn’t that uncommon as groups with characters that regain power after a mix of short and long rests might feel pressure to rest at different times.