Message boards are not quite as bad as Twitter for being full of hate and people just making themselves angry beyond words, but are still a form of social media, and thus bring out the rage in people. 

Message boards used to be good. Actual discussion and debate was had. ENWorld was great and I had many a great conversation on the Wizards of the Coast board (between the edition wars of course). But forums have become the method of social interaction of the previous generation. “Those kids today” are on Discord and Twitch chat and, to a lesser degree, Reddit and Facebook. Forums skew old. Which means they’re predominantly frequented by grognards with two or more editions under their belt and strong opinions on how things have changed. And like all social media, people don’t post about what they like—as that tends to go unstated—but instead talk and discuss what they don’t like, leading to a general negative vibe to forums. It’s endless posts of people lamenting the game and whining about problem aspects, arguing about how to “fix” the game (or break it), arbitrarily ranking the classes & subclasses, or complaining about how the game is being ruined by some social justice element being included. Opposed to something like Reddit, which is predominantly people excitedly showing off their art, gushing about the game, asking questions, or seeking advice. It’s much more positive and generally excited about the game.



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