Grognard Rage

Like life, the Old School comes at you fast. You start off thinking you’re the new and cool gamer and suddenly, without warning, they change the game and you’re a grumpy old gamer complaining that things were better when you were young. This can happen with the launch of an edition, or even with a mid-edition change, like the revision of Curse of Strahd or changing how races are presented and gain their ability score boosts.

I was watching a video by Dungeon Craft on the “Critical Role, Pokemon, and the Future of D&D where the streamer says “It’s not just a grognard like me” and brings in a “Millennial” to agree with his points. But Millennials are as adults as old as 39 and as young as 20. As most Millennials are pushing 30; many D&D fans in that generation probably got their start in gaming during 3e or 4e. Millennials would be grognards now! The young gamers are now the so-called “Generation Z” or “Zoomers.” And we’re probably only 4-5 years from the first wave of Generation Alpha gamers joining their parents and grandparents at the gaming table. 


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