Handheld GPS

Players don’t keep maps anymore. Which might also be the result of dungeons seldom being larger than 3-6 encounter areas and generally fitting onto a single 8×11 page. You seldom spend three or four sessions in a single dungeon, let alone wander enough to get lost. Mapping is generally unnecessary, and dismissed as “not fun”. Which isn’t wrong: mapping is hard given it relies on the mapper tracking distance and position based on the descriptions of the Dungeon Master and doing their best not to misinterpret what they’re saying about the room or turns. Plus, it’s one of those things the character could be much better at than the player, especially as they can just look at their surroundings. But keeping a map and charting your position can be a lot of fun if done well. And it’s a nice bit of responsibility that relies on the players paying attention, forcing them off their phones and keeps them in the game.