Handling Problems

A common wisdom on the internet is to say “yes” to players, allowing them to play whatever character concept they want. Anime catperson? Sure. Erudite lizardfolk wizard? Barely unussual. Gunslinger? Why not? Kender? . . .

That regularly seems to be “the line.” You can disrupt the GM’s medieval fantasy world by wielding a firearm or a comedically large sword but the second you’re a kender that’s going too far.

Which feels a little insulting. You can disrupt the Dungeon Master’s fun all you want, messing with their world and the tone they want in the game, but messing with the other players and being disruptive towards them is unacceptable. The DM is a player too, and their fun should be considered as well.

Personally, I like restrictions in the world and think you get better results by working with the DM and making a character that fits a world rather than trying to fit a square peg character concept into a world of round holes.



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