Is It Thursday Yet?

I wonder how many new players of Dungeons & Dragons will expect the Dungeon Master to ask this question, just because that’s what they’ve seen?

I love that streaming shows are bringing so many new people into D&D. I wish they had existed when I was young and was curious about D&D but had no way of getting answers for what that mysterious game was advertised in the back of my comic books. They effortlessly overcome the primary hurdle of D&D: what is this game and how do you play? I do think it’s going to cause a bit of a generational shift between gamers, or augment the inevitable generational gap. The upcoming crop of gamers introduced to D&D via streaming might have very, very different expectations of a game compared to those introduced via board games or wargames or, as was the case for me, shared world novels. When I got into Dungeons & Dragons I approached it like I had read in Dragonlance, with stories I wanted to tell where the players were just there. Destiny and chosen ones were used liberally. This didn’t always work as well as I had hoped, as my players resisted MY plot.

I wonder how many D&D groups are being formed right now play their game akin to a streamed session, spending a majority of the session talking in-character and creating characters with detailed backstories.