Masterwork Quality

Shout-out to commenter Malcadon for the idea.

This was something I remember rolling my eyes at during my 3e and Pathfinder days. I remember sending several groups of advanced mooks at my party, and every one of the grunts and expendable figures had magical arms and armour, just to keep even in terms of math. Every soldier they fought had a +1 longsword like it was standard issue. And this only got worse when I was playing Rise of the Runelords and Skull & Shackles when everyone in Book 3 seems to have a magical weapon. I think my party had a half-dozen +1 orgehooks by the end of Hook Mountain Massacre. Who was making the weapons? It’s not like the level 8 orge sorceress had item creation feats. And every single +1 ogrehook was taken and thrown in a bag of holding and sold back in the city, because for some reason shopkeepers are willing to buy Large sized hook weapons in bulk. Because treasure!