Maximum Security

More crafty people than me have made fancy dice jails to punish their misbehaving click-clack math rocks. If I attempted such a project it would look like a father’s day present made by a kindergarten student who just drank a cup of espresso and had only listened to half the instructions. 

I’m surprised there’s few purchasable dice jails on the market. Wyrmwood had one as part of a Kickstarter in 2019 but it never made it into their main storefront. There was an inexpensive one by Easy Roller Dice and Norse Foundry has some nice looking wooden ones. But your best best might be to hit Etsy or hit-up a friend with a 3D printer.  

These days, I’m almost glad I didn’t invest in a fancy etched wooden dice prison. It would be sitting in a cupboard besides my unused caged aluminum and raised obsidian dice, as all my gaming is being done online, where it will remain for the better part of 2021.