Mega Flurry

I’ve mused about the design of non-human races a few times, and the abilities potentially granted by extra limbs. Specifically hands, which can hold weapons. This was big in 3e, as you could make those extra attacks, and so extra limbs were often saddled with restrictions that they could only hold items or were smaller and unable to wield weaponry. This even carried over to 4e, where there wasn’t even rules for multiple attacks divorced from At-Will powers, so you could theoretically have a dozen arms, each with a different weapon, but if the powers you had said you could make a single Strength vs AC attack then you could make one attack.

5e follows that design. You only have so many attacks, so a creature holding a half-dozen weapons isn’t broken. It just means they have a little more flexibility choosing their damage type, which is pretty minor.

On the other hand, being able to have multiple weapons AND a shield might be more game breaking.