Memento Mori

I’m not sure if having a stuffie makes this counts as a #flumphening strip. This might *technically* be the end of the streak… Oh well, more flumph adventurers coming next strip.

This strip is a little more personal. Recently, I lost a character. While I didn’t cry (comic humour does tend to rely on exaggeration) I was surprisingly devastated. I’ve lost a lot of characters before, but had grown very attached to this one. As had the GM and the rest of the party. I almost went through the stages of grief, initially hoping they were fine and then becoming angry at the DM before starting to look for loopholes to save that character, and then sinking into depression for the rest of the evening. I was heartbroken at the death of an imaginary character I had made up and largely only existed in my mind.

Adding insult to injury, the death was particularly needless, as the party was making assumptions about the world, adding a very Shakespearean tragedy aspect to the character’s death. The shouldn’t have died but because they didn’t know what was occurring elsewhere, they backed a bad decision and ended up being taken down. It’s a horrible death, but soooo much more dramatic and sad than failing a few checks or getting defeated in combat. While I might have hoped the character would have died a hero, as a writer-at-heart I couldn’t have thought of a better and more impactful death.