Money For Days

By “the rules” 50 gold pieces weigh a pound. Which doesn’t seem like a lot but adds up quickly. An 11th level adventurer, fresh from splitting a treasure hoard, might have 3,500 gold pieces on them. This would weigh 70 lbs and fill a LOT of space. A historical gold coin is about the size of a penny. You can get a bank box of 2,500 pennies that is a little larger than a brick but four times the weight. And gold is twice as heavy! Your average leather coin purse isn’t going to hold more than a couple hundred coins without straining at the weight. Even a large bag isn’t very practical: putting a 45 and 35-pound weight in a sack and lifting it is surprisingly hard compared to that same weight evenly spread across a weightlifting bar or in a backpack distributing the load.