Most Important Meal

At high levels, heroes feast is just something you have every morning you’re expecting trouble. It’s expensive, but the benefits are solid, and by 12th level, you probably have tens of thousand gold pieces to spend on bowls. You might not set out a feast before starting a journey or while exploring, but when you know there’s going to be trouble the next day it’s time to lay down the picnic blanket in the dungeon and have yourself a hearty breakfast. After all, it lasts all day. Why end up saving it for lunchtime or dinner, when you can reap its benefits in those early morning encounters?

It also takes a long time to “cast” as you need to spend an hour to eat the feast. Which is pretty comedic in and of itself. When was the last time you spent a full hour eating? Is it a conjured four course meal that slowly appears and grows over time forcing you to wait? Are you expected to make awkward conversation with party members while you eat?