New Shiny

I mock but I’m actually really happy with the races in Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Mostly because they’re less “out of left field” than we normally get from new player races. I’m not scrambling to find a place for a strange new bee people in my campaign setting or justify the narrative role of a race that is basically just half-orcs but Small.  

It’s always tempting for a player to embrace the newest RPG book. Every time a new book is released for D&D (or even the much more prolific Pathfinder RPG) I hear people talk about how they have a concept for brand new character using that book. More often than not it won’t happen as new PCs aren’t created all that frequently (especially for Pathfinder, as people seldom make a new character every four months). Plus, new books seldom come out perfectly coinciding with the start or end of a campaign. By the time you are creating a new PC the initial surge of enthusiasm will have faded, and that concept will be competing with two or three others.