Ordering Delivery

Eight months ago (give or take) the strip went on an unexpected hiatus, after my campaign ended and, at the same time, I ran low in material. The worst time for a idea dry-spell. Then, the longer I waited to resurrect the strip, the more awkward it felt getting started again. The more pronounced the gap felt. Finally, a few months back, I decided it was time and started brainstorming ideas: no sense resuming, getting two strips out, and then pausing again.

This strip was an early idea. Ordering food into a dungeon. Which makes total senses, because it’s easy to run low in food and supplies when a dungeon crawl goes too long. Using a sending spell to bring take-out to the lich’s tomb makes sense.

Since the idea for the strip was planned, ordering food has taken on a whole new dimension, as the novel coronavirus Covid-19 has induced quarantines and social isolation across the globe. Calling for meals to avoid going out might be significantly more common. As I write this (in mid-March 2020) thing are still accelerating, so I presume it won’t have blown over and ending in the weeks before this strip goes live.