Pull the Lever!

Looks like we might be getting new Dragonlance novels after all. My guess back in November was apparently wrong…
Oh well, I’d rather have more D&D content than be right any day of the week. Making correct guesses is overrated.

I’m still dubious of the success of new novels. The fanbase of the originals has mostly grown-up and most probably don’t read shared world novels anymore, not with so many amazing fantasy books now available. And younger fans aren’t reading these novels like they were in the 1990s. The original trilogy isn’t really available in any of the schools in my district, and the county library only has the books #1 and #3. A new trilogy might sell well, but more than likely it will just attract the same sort of non-fanfare as the Lost Chronicles trilogy from the 2000s.

This is without considering the big complication: when to set the novels. Do you retell the War of the Lance, like Jim Butcher’s planned trilogy was going to do? Do you set it in the “present” of the setting, after the end of the War of Souls when the world is very different and fans who only read the first trilogy or two might be confused by the changes? Or do you set it prior to Dragons of Summer Flame when everything changed, and go down a different timeline?

This seems minor, but many Dragonlance fans are tired of the War of the Lance and the focus that single story receives. They want new tales and to advance the world. Rebooting or negating some changes can make fans of those changes upset: having spent time learning the continuity of the world, the reboot makes it feel like their time was wasted. However, a book set in the most recent era has a lot of baggage, as readers only slightly familiar with the setting might feel required to read a dozen novels to understand the new book, and a lot of the change that happened have been depressing or unpopular. (In the current year, it seems like every iconic location has been destroyed or experienced upheaval.)

Given the novels apparently feature characters that should be long dead, it seems like it might be set in the past or involve some time travel shenanigans.



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