I associate gaming with cola. There’s a mental correlation. I’ve always been fond of chugging back a soda or two (or five) while rolling dice, typically a Pepsi but occasionally a Red Bull or slurpee. Tasty but not exactly a healthy habit, with cola being naught but empty calories and pure sugar. I removed cola from my diet eight months ago but it’s still hard to break the habitual need to drink a can of something while gaming.

This has made me very aware of how omnipresent sugary beverages are in our culture. Coke machines are found everywhere, even in ironic locations such as gyms and sporting arenas, and it’s hard to find any drinkable beverage in a convenience store or movie theatre is that isn’t drinkable sugar. Liquid candy. Even with attempts to remove them from schools, vending machines are a frequent sight in the modern world. In a fantasy world with Coke and Pepsi, I would totally expect vending machines in dungeons. Obesity… now that’s the real trap.