Role Reversal

This is currently my drama.

With my homebrew campaign having ended half a year ago, I’m currently near the middle of a long 5th Edition campaign. Which is a big adjustment. Not in the least because DM has more experience with the system as a player, but is missing some of the nuances of adventure design; they’re less comfortable with the balance and pacing of being a DM. Nothing typically game breaking, but enough that it’s causing my “GMing senses” to tingle, as I second guess the design and encounter balance or silently question the rulings. Let alone the party management and pacing of the session, which is some advanced GMing. I’m totally not going to call him out at the table, because he’s not doing anything wrong per se, but it’s hard to shut off my DM brain while playing.

I did manage to slip some GMing in a few months back, via a second gaming group. I ran a short Vampire the Masquerade mini-Chronicle. This also ended a few months back. Early November as I stop to check. At five months, this is probably the longest stretch I’ve gone without being a Dungeon Master in years. I’m not sure I’m handling the break well, as I don’t know how to handle game downtime when I don’t need to prep sessions: I keep planning future campaigns and mini-campaigns using other game systems. I know the next five things I want to run, and by the time I finish the first, that list will likely have doubled.