Rolling Insight

I think half the reason gamemasters have a screen is so they can hide their face while anticipating a building climax or looming twist. It can be hard not to subtly guide observant players down the right path as they silently observe your unconscious facial ticks responding to their plans. “We could try sneaking into the bandit lair at night.” *Pauses to watch for change of expression.*

I have no poker face myself. Even the screen doesn’t always help; my players have commented the sound I make after rolling an inopportune “1” is very similar to rolling a poorly timed “20”. I want to hurt my players but I’d rather not kill them, so the occasional untimely crit can be unnerving. Especially when it’s my wife’s character. I know she’s not going to make me sleep on the couch for killing her character or hold a grudge, but I still worry.