A comic right out of my Tomb of Annihilation game. Although the character in question was really a grippli rogue, played by my pretty wife. And she’s pretty insistent it was actually a “superclimax”.

Climaxes are actually really hard to achieve in the game. If the boss fight goes on too long it gets boring. But if it’s too fast, it’s disappointing after the buildup. Very often the best climaxes are accidental, where the villain died at just the right moment before they were about to kill a PC (or three) and the heroes get a lucky roll. But you can’t plan for that. And often the brilliant plan fails because of a fantastic roll by the DM while the player gets a sad “5”. Or the villain becomes a paper tiger because their rolls are ass and the players are rolling like 20s are being retired. So after Acererak took a lava bath and stopped and looked at how the fight had went. There’d been some great tension and teamwork. You could attribute a key element of victory to every PC, and had the rogue not rolled well Acererak’s next spell might easily have dropped 3/5ths of the party, or teleported out to seek his revenge another day. It had been a do-or-die moment.

Plus, how often do you get to have an archlich scream as he burns to death “Nooooo! Not like this! Not by a frog!!”